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21 miles, 4:00 AM and 100º degrees!!

June 3, 2015

Great record the one of today!!! I cannot imagine that we did it, but this is true!!


Me napping- Picture of Will

Today we woke up at 3:50AM to depart at 4:15, but unfortunately we had some problems and we eventually took off around 4:35. Cole drove for 45 until some remote point and the first couple start walking.

I cannot understand this fact of this morning, I mean, the whole van was “died” of tiredness and sleepiness but he steered without any problem. Great leader! In my case, I took a great nap. Indeed, I was super burnt out and I still do not know how I covered 2 miles before 8AM.


My group: Amanda, Ann and me. Picture of Will

Overall, the walk of today was longer and harder than others. First and foremost, we covered 21 MILES! Which outnumbers the mark of the afternoon shift of yesterday, 20 miles. Moreover, we ambled in the middle of nowhere with our frindes the cactus and the lizards (as it is accustomed) under temperatures of 100º! Obviously, all of us had a hat, otherwise I would be writing you from a hospital or maybe Heaven (I hope).

The first couple did was that started walking, Will and Cate themselves, covered 12 miles in total. OMG! Then, the most shocked thing is that Cate did all of this enduring a little headache. Furthermore, yesterday, she was with a very painful one that made her sleep and doze the whole afternoon and evening. I think I have forbidden to complain


Parker, AZ- Picture of Will

At 7:30AM we headed to the parish for daily Mass, but there was not, and that is why we are going to have it now, at 6PM and in Spanish, OLE! It is in the same place of yesterday, the Sacred Heart in Parker.

A very sad thing of today is that two great walkers leave us. They are Taylor and Marta. They were mainly here for support and counseling, and it is time for them to turn back to their cities and work on other matters

On the other hand, as we do everytime we cross a state, we will dinner out! I do not know the place, but we will have it. In terms of food, tomorrow probably, I might cook for the team two delicious plates of the Spanish cuisine: gazpacho and pantumaca.

Another matter of this morning:

  • CLUE: if you are too hot walking, deepen you hat in water an put it on. It is like a small piece of Heaven on you head.
  • I discover that Canada has green areas and it is not covered by snow the year-round thanks to Anne (she is from Ontario, Canada)

I leave you because I want to find Tay and Marta before they leave.

God bless you.

Fernando Maria

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  1. Sue Miller permalink
    June 5, 2015 2:37 am

    Really love reading your updates and hearing all the experiences you have each day. It also gives my husband and I comfort feeling connected to our daughter, Amanda. Thank you!

  2. olvbquinn permalink
    June 11, 2015 5:31 pm

    I feel the same way as Sue. Great seeing updates, and getting to know a little more how things are going for Kate. Keep them coming as well as pictures! 🙂 Thanks!!
    So many here are praying for all of you!!

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