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The runners

June 6, 2015

First of all, I am sorry for not posting the last two days. In fact, I was about to finish the post of yesterday when suddenly I pressed some button and all my internet was closed, and now there is no way to go back and continue it.

Therefore, I would rather to accept about what happened today, which has been interesting but no so much from my perspective. Let me explain this. Where I have not been where all the fun was, but I slightly know what occurred.

Today was the runners day. So, instead walking the whole day, the people decided to run all the way to Phoenix to advance faster.

We went to Mass at 12 and after it, all the runners (who were the majority of us) went to run until dawn. And they were:


Anne, a lovely Canadian who will never find an enemy in her life – Picture of Will


Ben, from Colorado and a great friend to share whatever matter – Picture of Will


Will, from Canada, a great photographer and creator of a mysterious message that nobody can transcript – Picture of himself


Grace, from Ohio, a super nice and friendly girl with who anytime becomes in laughters and smiles – Picture of Will


Matt. from Rhode Island, a vast container of knowledge of any kind of topic and a great friend – Picture of Will


Cole, from California, the leader of the adventure and amazing guy and great companion with who share the new experience in America -Picture of Willl

I am very sorry because I could not. Not because of lack of motivation, but due to an essential trouble that I had to settle as soon as it was possible.

It is not very clear how many miles they covered, but what is sure is that the average of distance per runner was more than 3.0 miles (obviously with breaks in between).

Other interesting facts of that day are that:

  • Al came back from her interview. Welcome Al!!!
  • With her, a new Canadian joins us. I do not remember very well her name, but she likes to be called MC.
  • Along with that, something sad is going to happened tomorrow: Will is going to leave us. He is an amazing Canadian and great photographer. You just need to glance his pieces of art because they are spectacular. Good bye Will and thank you for your great company and time with us. You are very welcome to return!

The night is here and I am pretty tired. Hence good night and God bless you all!.

Fernando Maria.

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