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Just Rocking

July 6, 2015

We’re walking along the highway–just walking–while bad news comes from the courts, thousands of children are being aborted, prisoners are awaiting their final day, families are being torn asunder, and we’re, well, we’re walking–just walking. Sometimes, perchance, in the miles between cars in lonely Nevada, while running from Colorado’s mosquitoes, or as we stare at our brown eyed audience of Nebraskan bovines, the thought might–just might–occur, what are we doing? What’s the point of this?

In North Platte, Nebraska, a gentle pastor spoke of an elderly woman placed in a nursing home. She sat, day after day, in complete silence. Never did a word pass her lips. The precious few visitors she received left quickly, allowing the silence to offend their senses of awkwardness. One young nurse cared for the woman as the silent days passed by making time in her busy routine each morning to sit and rock–just rock–with the woman before giving her a tissue, touching her shoulder, and silently leaving to accomplish her other duties. Time passed, but in faithfulness the nurse rocked morning after quiet morning. On one unassuming day, the old woman suddenly spoke; she wanted to say just one thing, “Thank you, thank you for rocking with me.”

As the ancient proverb warns, “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.” Sometimes, perhaps, the best fight is merely to lay down the weapons and give only presence, prayers, and peaceful sacrifice. “He also serves who stands and waits,” the blind poet famously penned, and perhaps he also serves who walks and prays. If a little rocking can ease a heavy heart, then perhaps someway, somehow the steady beat of our steps could help some heart, somewhere to keep beating or stop breaking. If victory rests with the Lord, then perhaps it’s not so much what we do, so long as we faithfully do something to fight for right and stand up for those in need. No matter what vocation or state of life is ours, there is always a fight to be fought and duties to be fulfilled. If all we can do is rock and pray, then let us rock.

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