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The Transformation Station

July 30, 2015


Everyone, when they come on Crossroads, brings a little of him or herself with them. The beauty is that everything we bring, ourselves as well as our experiences and perspectives, are not just accepted, they are embraced. As an Agricultural Economics student at the University of Kentucky, I sometimes compare my life to a train. For example, what usually happens when I need to study is that the train travels past the Motivation Station and stops right at the Procrastination Station. I had no idea that the number of stations would exponentially increase once I got to Crossroads and others would join in on the fun. I’ll show you what I mean.

Everyday we visit the Hydration Station by keeping our gallon jugs and plastic water bottles filled and with us. It helps us get through the Perspiration Station. We have a whiteboard in the RV labeled the Inspiration Station where people will write Bible verses or inspirational quotes. I don’t know if we’d be able to get through the day without them. We have two Transportation Stations. They are the Majestic, our RV, and the support van. The Relaxation Station is the time we spend in the bathroom or shower. This is one of the only times we get to be truly alone. At night the Hibernation Station is visited as we sleep. Each day, we attend the Transubstantiation Station as we go to mass and the Sanctification Station because, when we face the facts, all of Crossroads’ daily struggles are sanctifying. We are there for each other and visit the Affirmation Station when we encourage each other as we walk. The Information Station is our daily team meeting. We are the bosses of the Annihilation Station when we kill all the bugs outside and in the van.

On the weekends, we encounter the Inspiration Station as well, through the people we talk to and how they generously support us. After weekend masses we have the Presentation Station, where we share our stories with congregations. The families that host us are experts at the Accommodation Station.

And occasionally we visit the Decoration Station, as we decorate the side of the RV or a dessert for someone’s birthday. Sometimes we’re lucky and we see the Sanctification Station again through confession or go to the Adoration Station if the church offers it. And sadly, some of us have been at the Inflammation Station with sprained ankles or other injuries.

To me, Crossroads is the Transformation Station. We walk to change the hearts and minds of others. Through attempting to do this, and through God’s grace, we are significantly transformed as well.

Daniella Straathof

Additional Stations provided by the 2015 Northern Walkers

Northern Walk ’15

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