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Life on Central Walk

August 1, 2015

Laura PostIn the last 10 weeks I have been on crossroads I have realized some things: In an RV with 13 other people there is no such thing as personal space, it is called shared space. Wearing tennis shoes up to 6-7 hours, with the sun glaring down on you, you will get a weird suntan. Stepping into a shower after a long day of walking out on the road is liking stepping into a part of heaven. On this walk you will find people from all over the US even the world since we have someone from Italy here.

In a few weeks crossroads will be ending, that means no more long hours of walking and sweating, no more speaking in front of parishes, no more having to deal with smelly shoes in the shoe bin, and no more trying to figure out where to sleep; however, with Crossroads ending that also
means I will have to leave the crossroads family I have made over the summer, who I have grown to love and cherish even though its only been almost three months since I met them. We have done so much together like talking, laughing, giving hugs, sassing each other, deciding who walks first or who speaks first at parishes, and arguing over who helps with cooking and dishes. Why when we get so closely stitched together as a family we have to leave to go back to our original
families? I guess its the way of life, but I shall always remember and cherish my crossroads family, and maybe, hopefully, we’ll see each other again in the near future. I love you guys!!!

Central Walk ’15


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