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Twenty-Five Days

June 22, 2016

Twenty-five days. That’s how long I’ve been on the road with Crossroads. I walked on to the team in Spokane, Washington. I was with new people, nervous, and definitely missing home. In this time, I had been through five states I could only dream of visiting. I had the chance to meet so many generous people that welcomed us into their homes like we were their own kids visiting from college. I endured blisters and sore joints from walking. Most importantly, I have been a witness to the beautiful Gospel of life with some pretty cool peeps from all over the country and even Australia.


In these twenty-five days I’ve been blessed to walk through one of the most beautiful parts of America. I have this group of friends now that as I get to know them more and more, I see how God’s hand chose us. He’s called us to be His hands and feet this summer to spread the message of life.


2016 Northern Walk

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  1. Daniel Flores permalink
    July 31, 2016 6:47 pm

    Such a beautiful group of people made up of young men and women. Us as Americans may not all agree about everything that goes on in the world, but one thing im sure we could all agree on is that you all have made a full commitment into what you all believe in. God bless all of you on your journey!!

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