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Loneliest Road in America (Nevada)

June 12, 2017

Greetings from the Central Walkers! Currently we are in Utah. This morning we left our host family’s home in Ogden, UT where we enjoyed wonderful hospitality and delicious meals. This past Saturday we went to the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City which is such a beautiful church and was much needed as Nevada was sparse when it came to daily Masses to attend. God has truly blessed us this past week.

Prior to Utah, we walked through the beautiful and peaceful state of Nevada. Walking along the “loneliest highway” in America (HWY 50) through the desert and mountains.  It was such a unique experience in many ways. Firstly, Nevada is full of wonderful people who were very supportive of our mission. The parishes what we attended were extremely generous! They provided us with donations (food/water and financial help) and shared stories with us. Recalling one in particular: we met one woman after Sunday Mass who told me that her two nieces had been saved because of the Crossroads Pro-Life walkers witness when they came through the area many years ago. Also, while out on the road during the week, there were, countless times that people stopped to check to see if we needed assistance. The police officers were awesome and looked out for us.  For instance when a wide load truck was coming through, the police came through first and warned us to stay far to the side of the road. There was also another time that we met one individual who was also biking across America. The gentlemanon the bike was doing it to raise awareness for health care. He even instagramed with us! While we were talking to this gentleman, a few cars stopped, creating a 3 car back up. The people in the cars asked us what we were doing and thought it was awesome once we explained the Crossroads mission.

Throughout the state of Nevada one could expect to see cows, wild horses, an occasional rattle snakes here and there.  The sagebush, which is Nevada’s state flower, can be seen everywhere you look, as well as numerous tumble weeds. The wide open spaces, which occurred a lot in Nevada (Fallon, Eureka, and Ely), reminded us that there is a God and even though we may have been walking on a road where there is not a lot of traffic, we always have an audience of ONE (God).  So a couple of us may have suffered through blisters this week, but God saw that we can be “walk stars” and the sacrifice will prevail always. God is in the boat always and HE will work through us no matter what. A few years ago a professor of mine told me, “When the day is over and you have done your best….wait the results in peace.” Let’s remember that with each little step, the positive results will triumph.

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  1. Patricia Lachle permalink
    June 13, 2017 6:36 am

    Be safe and God bless each of you.



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