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America the Beautiful

July 3, 2017

While you walk, you can spend a lot of time with a single person, and you get to talking about some pretty fascinating things. Once I started talking with a fellow walker about the meaning and definition of beauty. We tend to think of beauty as something that is visually pleasing, but we realized that beauty is that which draws our mind to God or draws us closer to God, because everything of God is beautiful. Pope Emeritus Benedict defines real beauty as “the Truth itself”, and God is all truth. In light of this, I’d like to share with you some of the beautiful things we have experienced thus far while walking across the country.

There’s more than one way that beauty can manifest itself. Some of these things are beautiful to see or hear, and others are acts of kindness or even events or times in which we find ourselves close to God. All of them made us praise God for His loveliness and brought us closer to Him and his beauty in their own way.

-The grace given to us through daily Mass and through the prayers of others

-The humility we experience as others entrust us, of all people, with their prayer intentions

-The sound and sight of wind through the fields we pass by

-Two butterflies flying around each other in front us of while we walked early one morning

-Far away from cities and lights, the innumerable stars like diamond dust scattered onto the navy blue sky

-My team members. They’re inspiring and fabulous ❤

-The hymns we sing together sometimes before morning and evening prayer

-The sunrise and cool air in the middle of June as we offer it up for the babies

-The occasional bad pun we see on billboards for local businesses

-The families and hosts who give all of themselves and what they have to give us a home for the weekend

-A trio of gourds in a store window that were painted to look like swans

-The vivid pink and orange masterpiece of a Nebraska sunset, followed by throngs of fireflies in the warm air and fireworks on the horizon

-Shards of the morning sky reflected in the rainwater collected in rumble strips on the roadside

-Praying with the local community at daily Mass

-A bed at the end of a long day


-The daisy we got for the RV to brighten it up, and the walking shirt we made for this plant so that it could be a part of our team

-Singing loudly before and after we walk to motivate us and to celebrate

-The acts of service within our group. For example, when someone gets up and joyfully washes the dishes after meals, or when we make each other drink water, and when we choose to spend time with each other even when we really want to take a nap.

-The car window between us and a swarm of mosquitos

-When our local Australian touched snow for the first time

-The Coloradan cliffs and mountains

-The many inside jokes that are a definite sign of the familial nature of this group

-The suit and eyepatch we made for a Happy Meal toy. There was no reason not to, so we did

-The pains and inconveniences we are blessed with every day that we give to God in love

-The afternoon full moon over a lonely highway through the Nevada desert

-A giant American flag flapping majestically on a cool breezy day

-The car honks and even the occasional train honks that initially startle us but give us a boost for walking

-The view of the California Bay Area from atop Mt. Tamalpais

-The sound of eggs being whisked for omelettes

-Our team banding together each day to pray for others, and the knowledge and trust that others are praying for us

-The small but infinitely kind things that strangers do for us. Just one example, and one that meant a lot to me was when I tripped and bashed my knee while going up church steps, right in front of a couple going inside for Mass. The lady did not hesitate to offer me a Band Aid and make sure I was ok.

God is so good to us and he gives us so many beautiful things that make us happy to be alive every day.


Central Walk ’17

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  1. Theresa permalink
    July 4, 2017 12:07 pm

    Thank you for sharing these moments and for sharing your witness. Continued prayers for all teams as they walk – I was wearing my Crossroads t-shirt the other day and was able to tell about the amazing young men and women who donate their summers to spread the message of Life!

    Peace and blessings!
    Theresa in Auburn AL

  2. Sylvia Hedges permalink
    July 8, 2017 1:50 pm

    I can’t get you off my mind and always wonder where you might be on your Pro-Life walk! Never ever miss an early morning praying for you and ask God to keep you ever so safe and I thank HIM for such awesome, caring people like you spreading the importance of precious life!!! May God always watch over you and bless you abundantly!
    Blessings, prayers, love and hugs, Sylvia—Lincoln, Ca

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