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Seven Life Lessons From Crossroads: Lesson One

July 8, 2018

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah, and this is unfortunately the last week that I am able to walk with Crossroads this summer. I knew going in that I would only be able to walk seven of the twelve weeks, but what a blessed seven weeks it has been! 2018 is my second year walking Crossroads (I did the full northern walk in 2013), and I can honestly say Crossroads has permanently changed my life. I thought that in this last week of the central walk, I should share some of the life lessons learned through our prayer pilgrimage.


Life lesson number one: We aren’t in control. God is.

On Crossroads, a basic rule is to always expect the unexpected. We may think we have solid plans for the week, but inevitably at some point plans go awry. For example, early in the summer our RV’s fridge already went out, so we had to throw out everything it contained and bring in the RV to be fixed.


da arvee in granby

Thank you to the business who fixed our RV! The couple who owned the shop was extremely pro-life and put our bumper sticker on the middle of their desk.


A few weeks down the road, the RV’s battery wouldn’t charge even though the alternator (the part that charges the battery) had been replaced or fixed – I can’t remember which – earlier in the year. It should have been working, but because it stopped charging the battery, we had to bring it in to be fixed when we were out in Colorado. Because the business didn’t have the part we needed to replace it, they had to drive to get the part. It ended up taking nearly an entire day to get the RV fixed.

Crossroads walkers attend daily Mass every day. Our walk leader does an excellent job finding a parish for us to go to near our route, but every once in a while the parish website or is off. Typically when this happens either a) we’ve missed mass entirely, or b) we’ve arrived hours early and have to go out to walk longer before coming back to the church for Mass. Let me give a huge THANK YOU to the priests who have said a special Mass just for us when this scenario has occurred. We appreciated it so much!


da fiyah in coloradoooooo

Plans gone awry: literally watching the birth of a wildfire in western Colorado and having to avoid it while walking!


Crossroads really forces you to put your full trust into God. You never know who or what you will encounter. We’ve had walkers walk feet away from an elk, jump off the road to avoid being hit by a car, and engage in conversation with a counter-protester outside an abortion clinic, people who see our shirts in Walmart parking lots, and those who encounter us in grocery stores. While we may think we know how to go about walking or having a quality conversation with others, it doesn’t always go as planned.

How often do you get frustrated when things don’t go the way you want them to go? How often are you frustrated when you have to follow the directions of someone else instead of doing what you want to do?

Human beings believe they are the ones in control, but really God is the one running our lives. It can be scary, terrifying even, to give Him free reign, but ultimately He will take care of us. So many times this summer things could have gone so wrong, but instead our summer has been filled with so much beauty and hope. I pray that we can come to accept and desire God’s direction along the path He has planned for each one of us.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

God bless,

Sarah, Central Walk 2018

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