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Seven Life Lessons From Crossroads: Lesson Three

July 10, 2018


On top of a mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park, I pulled out my rosary to snap this picture. We prayed multiple rosaries on our way through.

Pray, for prayers are so powerful!


Another element of Crossroads I truly appreciate is prayer. The life of a Crossroads walker is a life of constant prayer. As we walk, we are praying rosaries, divine mercy chaplets, prayer novenas, and more. We pray both communally and personally. As we attend Mass, we are able to meditate upon the words of God. When we walk in silence, we are able to meditate or walk contemplatively and rest with God.

In a previous life lesson post, I briefly explained some of the challenges we offer up on Crossroads. I truly believe prayer is the reason we have made it safely through the walk thus far. We’ve already had someone nearly step on a rattlesnake and two walkers jump off the road shoulder into the grass to avoid getting hit by a vehicle driving on the road’s white line. Personally, I can say our Blessed Mother kept us safe walking through Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. There was one point where we had to walk less than five feet away from a bull elk who was eating along the side of the road. Tom, Thomas, and I prayed a Hail Mary to her for safety and kept walking. The elk stared us down as we slowly walked past, but he never charged at us. Thank you so much everyone who has prayed for us!

One of my favorite parts of Crossroads is praying for the prayer intentions in our prayer intentions notebook. For those of you who have never heard a Crossroads walker give a Mass talk, something we do on Crossroads is collect prayer intentions from the parishioners at the churches we visit each weekend. Then during the week we pray for each intention written in the prayer intention notebooks. It is both humbling and an honor to be entrusted with the prayers of others.


We stayed in an RV park in the middle of a canyon in Utah. It was a night of many fun memories.

Personally, there was one other prayer encounter I found particularly memorable. When we were in western Colorado, there was a night when we were literally the only RV camping in an RV park in the middle of a canyon. There we met a man named Jim, a friendly older man who loved what we were doing. He brought us snacks and just sat with us chatting for a few hours in our RV. Before he left for the night, he asked if we would pray for a relative of his. Of course we said yes! When we were done with the prayer and ended together with an Our Father, he was almost in tears.

When was the last time you prayed so genuinely, so passionately, that you were moved to tears? How often do you say “I’ll pray for you” but later forget to do so?

Prayer is our response to God’s invitation into a relationship with him. Crossroads has been a constant reminder of God’s great love for us. If He loves us, of course He hears our petitions, trials, praises, and words of thanksgiving. So pray! Pray for those you promise to pray for. Pray for the needs in your own life. Pray for the unborn, for those in need, for the development of a culture of life, and for an increase in vocations. Pray prayers of thanksgiving to God and rejoice in the small graces He has gifted to each of us. Sit in contemplative silence, appreciating quiet time with the Lord.

I know in my hectic adult life outside of Crossroads, finding adequate time for quality prayer is a challenge. So my challenge to both myself and to all of you is to find time to pray. Not only does prayer work miracles, but it is the best way for us to grow closer to God.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

God bless,

Sarah, Central Walk 2018

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