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Seven Life Lessons From Crossroads: Lesson Four

July 11, 2018



Walking through Colorado, central walkers discussed everything from religion to superheroes. On the road when you aren’t praying, you have the opportunity to learn about and learn from those you are walking with.

Listen. You never know what you’ll learn.


Confession: In my life outside Crossroads, I’m a junior/senior high school teacher. As a teacher, I am used to being the person who is listened to. But one of the best parts of my job is discovering what I can learn from my students when I take the time to listen.

Similarly, when I take the time to sincerely listen to the words of those I am walking, cooking, grocery shopping, etc. with, there is so much to learn! The group of young people I am privileged to call my teammates are intelligent, devoted, and kind human beings. In a group of similar aged people with a common goal, we’ve of course had discussion about pro-life issues as well as other theological, religious, and political issues. You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve learned over the course of the past seven weeks with them.


Something I didn’t elaborate on in this post is talking with parishioners. Here some of the central walk crew are speaking with members of St. Benedict’s parish in Nebraska City. We were invited to a meal and discussion at engage night.

I have learned much more about the lives of the saints. For example, I absolutely adore Saint Mother Teresa. I’d previously read about her life and knew about her dark night of the soul, but I learned much more about what that entailed from a fellow walker. For over fifty years she suffered through much more than just a sense of God abandoning her. I’ve enjoyed learning more about St. Louis de Montfort and his amazing devotion to Mary and the rosary. I loved sharing the saint story of Saints Gwynllyw and Gwladys (known in English in a corrupted form as Woolos and Gladys Farfog). I first heard about it on a Catholic podcast, and it’s possibly one of the funniest saint stories I’ve ever head.

Being young men and women, we’ve had many fruitful discussions about masculinity, femininity, gender roles, and how these roles relate to vocations. It is heartening to know that in a society with twisted ideas on how men and women should behave and interact, there are still young people who recognize the manner in which God wills men and women to exist together.These discussions ultimately lead to a discussion of vocations. As a result of these conversations, I spent an entire week of Crossroads dedicating my rosaries to an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life, for clarity for those struggling to discern their vocation, and that God will grace us with the courage to accept and carry out our vocations according to His will.


Learning about your teammates means you can do fun things like plan a party for a member complete with birthday cake, a nice meal, and a pinata filled with candy.

On top of intellectual discussion, listening allows us to get to know, relate to, and better understand how to interact with others. We have all types of personalities and backgrounds on our team, and I’ve really appreciated the diversity. How boring would it be if God made all of us the same? By listening, truly listening, to others, I’ve learned how much all my team members love their family. I’ve learned what it’s like to grow up in a huge family (I grew up in a family of four). I’ve learned what different members are interested in – everything from sports to philosophy to being eco-friendly – so that I can learn more about what makes them God’s unique creations. There is so much I could write here, but I’ll leave it at that I am blessed to see God working through these young people who convey, perhaps unknowingly, messages that God intends for me to hear. Listening to and learning about and from my team members has only brought me closer to God. All praise and glory be to our Lord!

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

God bless,

Sarah, Central Walk 2018


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  1. Alice Drees permalink
    July 11, 2018 6:55 pm

    Thank you for writing an interesting blog! We are so anxious to meet all of you. Sarah will you be with them still? I hope so. If not I hope someone else continues the blog. Hint! Hint! I am with the group you will see at Effingham Illinois on Tuesday July 17. We will serve you a delicious meal at the K of C hall (Event center) and offer comfortable clean homes for you since you are doing sooooo much for the ProLife cause. Thank you for walking in this awfully
    hot weather. We are praying for you. God blessings! Alice and Gene Drees

  2. centralwalkers permalink
    July 14, 2018 3:26 am

    Unfortunately, I will not be with them. I’m a teacher and will be returning home to prepare for the upcoming school year. Thank you so much for your prayers and support; it means more than you know to us!
    God bless, Sarah

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