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Seven Life Lessons From Crossroads: Lesson Five

July 12, 2018



This is the view from the top of a mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Mountains are obviously very beautiful, but we have been blessed to find beauty all over the country.


Take time to appreciate and thank the Lord for the little things in life.

For the first several weeks of our walk, I felt like we were on a pilgrimage to beauty just as much as a pilgrimage for life. We’ve been through some beautiful country. We have walked through the Sierra Nevadas, the Rocky Mountains, the tree covered hills of Missouri, and the salt flats of Utah. We’ve seen crazy amounts of wildlife, sunrises, and sunsets.




Walking along a highway in the northernmost part of Missouri, this Nebraska girl appreciated the beauty of these cornfields.

But something that struck me as we were leaving the Rocky Mountains and entering Nebraska (Go Big Red!) was that even the ordinary and everyday can be beautiful. Not everything in life can be the beauty of clouds resting atop a mountain or waking up to a sunrise in a canyon. Why not appreciate the simplicity of rain clouds over a hill or the sunrise over a cornfield? Why not take the time to enjoy everyone’s favorite smell, petrichor?


There are many little things I’ve come to appreciate on Crossroads. The heat has really made me value shade and a cool breeze. It’s amazing how much of a difference a little shade makes. It feels like a huge temperature difference. Over the past few weeks in addition to the heat, it has also been quite humid. As a result, any time there is a cool breeze I say a quick “Thank you for the breeze, Jesus.” Almost nothing feels better than getting rid of the sweat that has accumulated on your body! Just a few of my other little things were singing Irish songs with my team, seeing the grins of team members when someone made a bad pun, and laughing together at the rise of the general sarcasm and sassiness level when we are all sleep deprived.


Another beautiful sight: seeing this sunrise near cornfields in central Nebraska.

We get so wrapped up in our fast paced lifestyle that we fail to notice the little things: the smile on a relative’s face, an encouraging word from a friend, accomplishing everything on your day’s mental to-do list, or having a warm mug of hot chocolate on a cold day. We focus on the have-nots, the next big thing that we desire. Even if we achieve our goals, we are constantly focused on what we want and not what we have.

If this is the way we live our lives and fail to recognize the value in the blessings we have – our faith, families, freedoms, and so much more – we will never be happy. In the “Be Satisfied With Me” prayer attributed to St. Anthony of Padua, he writes, “I want you to stop planning, to stop wishing, and allow Me to give you the most thrilling plan existing . . . one you cannot imagine. I want you to have the best. Please allow Me to bring it to you.” While this prayer appears to be written about an unmarried person trying to find his/her spouse, these lines apply to our everyday lives. If we stress over and only focus on what we don’t have, we can only be miserable. Instead, if we focus on the little blessings we are given each day, imagine how much more joy we will have and share with the world around us?

So how do we appreciate what we have been given? Count your blessings and praise God for them! Live each day with a smile on your face, even when you don’t feel like smiling. Stop comparing yourself to other people; you are on a unique path that God has made just for you! Lead your life with great joy.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!

God bless,

Sarah, Central Walk 2018

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  1. July 13, 2018 12:24 am

    Lovely words!! Thank you very much!!

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