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The Indirect Effects of Abortion

July 17, 2019

In St. Louis I encountered a young girl after Sunday mass who was with her Grandmother. The young girl said to me with tears ready to roll down her eyes, “I would have a sibling if it wasn’t for abortion.” Which absolutely struck me.

Sometimes I forget the immense emotion behind abortion and how it affects not just the poor mothers, but everyone in the mother’s circle. The young girl’s short story may have had a few words, but it had so much weight that I couldn’t stop pondering it.

Tom, one of our fellow central walkers, told me he was in a discussion with a man on why he is a single-issue voter on abortion. The man thought he was ridiculous in his political thinking to “belittle” all the other issues. Tom’s reply to this statement was that when you know that sixty million people have been killed since Roe V. Wade, all the other issues become not nearly as important.

Although others may view us as ridiculous, we know that we are walking with Christ to represent the aborted children as our brothers and sisters.

We hope and pray that, through our mission, future unborn children in America and abroad will be given the opportunity to live according to His will.

God Bless,

Max Berman, Central Walk 2019



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  1. Vanda S Lattie permalink
    July 17, 2019 11:38 am

    Never give up, never give in….
    You are walking #FORTHEBABIES
    You are their voices, their cries
    You are all so amazing and for those of us too old to walk or to afraid to walk, WE THANK YOU
    Love from Louisiana… 🙏😘

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