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July 24, 2019

Hello all,

We’ve made it to Alabama. We just spent the weekend at the guest homes of EWTN, and even had an interview with Life on the Rock. Fun fact their studio has a first class relic of Maximillian Kolbe, so of course I was super stoked (total fan girl moment). We also encountered some people again while out walking who didn’t even know what pro life meant, but to be able to explain that to them and see them support us was really cool. It’s so important to make people knowledgeable and aware of this issue.


This week has me missing my family, and I’m for sure I’m not the only one on the team who feels that way. When I’m having a rough day, I’ll be honest I wish I was with my mom, but the Blessed Virgin Mother is more than happy to be there for us all.  Seeing how much we miss our parents and siblings, just reminds me how God makes no mistakes. Within our family mistakes are made, but it never destroys God’s plan. Looking at my parents and their marriage, and each one of my siblings I can see God’s perfect plan come to life in imperfect yet amazing people. Each one of us was chosen, and taught how to love like Christ through the powerful love of simply being a family. God didn’t choose our family members because they were perfect and holy, but because he made them good, and he see’s something we can’t see. Family is something so intricately chosen by God, and to see it as anything less is sad. You are chosen, I am chosen, every life that enters the womb has already been chosen. Life is already chosen, there’s no choice to be made, the only choice is to love or to not love what is already so clearly loved by God.

To anyone out there faced with this choice I want you to think about the life of St. Peter or St. Mary Magdalene. Look at how many times, they slipped, and messed up. I mean Christ removed 7 demons from Mary, and Peter denied Him when Christ needed him most, yet He still chose them. Chose them to be saints, to be leaders of the church, to be witnesses to His resurrection, to be forgiven, to be loved. They didn’t receive this by merit or hard labor, but simply because they were chosen.

Life is chosen, your choice is to love it.

Much love,

Mikayla Olson, southern walk 2019B85771C8-77B4-4332-B242-F7CE92205F76.jpeg

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