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God’s Country

July 30, 2019

Greetings ya’ll,

We just walked into South Carolina today! I can’t believe in 10 days we will reach D.C.  I think all of our hearts are on an emotional rollercoaster. We are in some ways ready for home, but in other ways it’s sad because we have to say goodbye to the people we have spent the last 12 weeks with (13 if you count training).

This week, when we were shopping, we talked to a gentleman who believed life began at conception, but did not believe in imposing his thoughts on others. I pray for him though, because relativism is a toxic mindset. Honestly I think that’s why most pro life people are afraid to stand up for the unborn. We aren’t afraid to say murdering people is wrong, but when it comes to the lives of the unborn, people turn away. I prayed about this a lot, then on Sunday the Holy Spirit came and spoke truth. I remember I was washing up before mass thinking, man I would love to just tell this whole parish what the Holy Spirit is saying . I thought I could change my personal testimony, but thinking it would take too long I was not going to. God wasn’t gonna stop there though, as soon as I got to my pew the priest approached me to tell me he had shortened his homily because he wanted me to make my personal testimony longer and speak some truth. When I got up to give that talk I wasn’t speaking just to the parish, I was speaking to myself. These were the words I was longing to hear. I knew I was walking for the unborn, but I was discouraged. With a shaking body, on the verge of tears, this is what was said.

       “I walk because God commands me. He does not ask me to be pro life He commands it” pointing to the crucifix behind me, “Look at Him, look at Him, did this man die so I could have your truth and you could have yours, no! He died because He is the way, the TRUTH, and the life. Through out scripture we see a God who loves and a God that commands, and who am I not respond to that command.”

It was longer, but the main point was this. We have to wake up. Our Lord is in agony and he turns to find his disciples (us) sleeping. We need to wake up and realize abortion is happening here in our parishes and in our communities. This is family we are talking about here. Don’t believe me? Well you should see our prayer requests book. These women aren’t strangers to you, they are our sisters in Christ and they are hurting. Statistics show that 90% of women who’ve had abortions would not have gone through with it if they had one person step up and support them.

God is commanding you, each and everyone of you to be unconditionally pro life. Please be there for these mothers, because they are hurting. A mothers love for her child is indescribable, and looking at the prayer requests in the books you can see that. On top of that I’ve been pretty homesick the past few days, and my mom thousands of miles away knows it without me saying a word. God is showing me just how deep a mothers love is. A mother knows when her baby is hurting. So I can’t imagine the pain of mothers heart when her innocent child is dying right beneath it. The blessed mother  knows what it feels like, I believe that’s why she’s been so present with us every step of the way.

My heart hurts, but I also simultaneously am experiencing such joy, because God’s mighty hand is at work. I would also like to give a special thanks to our walk leaders parents, Mr. and Mrs. Collart. Their witness was inspiring, and it was nice to speak to some science majors. Their entire family really touched my heart from taking me fishing to dinner, praying with us at the clinic and everything  in between. They have raised a wonderful son, Andrew, and it has been a joy to be serving under his leadership. As these weeks come to a close soon, I would just like to thank everyone for following us on our journey. May Christ be with you!

And to my family, I’ll see you soon!

Much love,

Mikayla Olson, southern walk 2019

PS- this is not the last blog! FDB77222-6233-443E-B831-9B9D991EB9F2.png

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