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Why abortion is totally incompatible with the American Dream

July 31, 2019

I’m Mexican so I basically grew up watching American TV shows and movies. My good opinion about Americans might not be shared by all Mexicans but I feel confident to state that we admire America in more than one sense. The way our cities are developing imitates American infrastructure, the Mexican market for U.S. technology, clothing and entertainment grows every year.

Thousands of Mexican families have risked their lives trying to come to the U.S. in search of a better life. This search for better opportunities is the same that brought to America thousands of Italians, Polish, and French (among many other nationalities) families to America. It is clear for the world that America is indeed the land of opportunities.

America is a great nation. You Americans have achieved an outstanding level of development and a high quality of life, some of which have become international standards. The world is always looking at you; you are a model and example, an inspiration for so many.

There are many things that I really love about America, but there is one thing that particularly amazes me: the affluence and prosperity. Everything seems to be abundant here in the U.S., there are plenty of resources, wealth and welfare.

Prosperity is a key concept behind the pursuit of happiness in the American way of life. The stereotypes that other nations have of America usually include: a huge truck, huge meals and huge houses. I really want you to acknowledge how blessed and lucky you are for all the wealth and resources you have. I’m not saying there is no poverty in the U.S., I’m saying that Americans don’t suffer from hunger as people in other countries do. For instance, in Mexico, one person dies every hour because of starvation.

Americans are also very generous. In 2017, for example, Americans donated $410 Billion dollars to charity. American NGOs account for most of the help in developing countries.

In this context, it really surprises me that there is a horrifying number of abortions every year in America. I don’t understand how a nation that is so wealthy, that loves prosperity and enjoys life, is rejecting the most prosperous of the human gifts and the most joyful of the human events: human birth.

It is very hard for me to understand abortion in the U.S., a nation that has dedicated so many resources to defend human rights, freedom and a better life for its people.

I don’t understand why, a nation that creates so much wealth, discards the most valuable of all the goods we can have: human life. For there can be no wealth without hard-working people to create it, your nation can not be prosperous if you continue to kill the women and men of future generations.

I really hope that, in the same way that your ancestors fought against slavery, defending human dignity, you will rise again to defend the dignity of human life. Because if taking someone’s freedom is terrible, how much more terrible is it to take someone’s life?

I hope that the same nation that received so many Italians, Polish, French, Latin-Americans, (among many other nationalities), who helped create the American culture as we know it, will receive the many Americans that are yet to be born. I really hope that in the same way the U.S. has always been a land of opportunity for so many, it will also be the land where the opportunity to be born and work for a happy life is granted to everyone.

What would you do if you knew that hundreds of thousands of Americans are being killed? Wouldn’t you march and protest for the government to do something? Wouldn’t you fundraise, pray or volunteer?

Well, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans being killed in abortions clinics all over the US. What are you going to do to defend your nation from this injustice?

Raúl Tépox, Central Crossroads 2019

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