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God Bless the USA

August 12, 2019


One last howdy to you all and here’s what I have to say,

Go out into the world and see it with your own eyes. Get away from the narrow scope of media, and escape from the comforting blind fold of home. I promise you will taste reality, and it’s bittersweet, but it gives life purpose. Take very little with you, and live by the kindness of others.

This last week of crossroads has been nothing short of breath taking. We walked the final stretch all together to the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. I walked in those doors with my new found family, and found myself overwhelmed by the Lord’s presence in the tabernacle. With tears running down my cheeks, all I could think was “We did it, we really did it”. Then Friday came and God shook Noah and I’s plans to scooter around DC and we ended up walking one last shift from the capital to the basilica. At first we were not to thrilled to see our plans be spoiled, and we were met with more hate then any other shift we had ever had. But through grace we quickly caught on that this was God’s plan and walked past our opposers with smiles on our faces. Then Saturday we had the rally and we prayed at the abortion clinic all together one last time. It has been such a blessing to be with central walk this week and to get to know them all. (Also just want to add we were able to touch the blood relic of Saint John Paul II, the man who inspired this walk).

These last few days have been filled with bittersweet goodbyes. It seems just like yesterday I was praying that God would change His mind about calling me to this mission, and now I’m with these brothers and sisters whom I love to death, and will miss dearly. 13 weeks ago I didn’t even know their names, and now they are the closest of friends. I wish I could give you my thoughts and emotions right now for a grand finally blog, but there’s no words to describe the most heartbreaking yet amazing week ever. I walked away from the ambo after doing my last speech at mass on Sunday, and I lost it. Not because I was sad or upset, but because I was overwhelmed with the joy and grace God was placing on my heart.

I love crossroads and the joy of being apart of its 25th walk. As for my teammates, if I didn’t say enough last week…. Well It’s been an honor to serve and be served by them, they are truly future saint. We’ve made our founding Father’s proud, and above all we’ve pleased our Heavenly Father. We been planting seeds across America for the past 25 years, and it shows. I thank God everyday for everything that Crossroads has provided, and for the cross that I graciously was able to bare. See you later my friends.

Thank for allowing me to write these blogs and for reading them and encouraging me. I’ve always felt like a warrior for Christ, but Crossroads helped me find my Army, and to fall in love with my country. Our God is a reckless loving God, and I firmly believe I will live to see abortion come to an end in America. I know it, God has spoken to my heart. To the future of crossroads, my prayers are with you. Your mother Mary loves you and more so does your Heavenly Father. You are more than enough and the sacrifice you are making is guided by so many angels and saints. Pray your rosary everyday, and do not be afraid. The angels and Saints and screaming out with joy, because the victory of this mission is near. These words are all just an understatement or the song of passion my heart wishes to express. God is good.

May God and all His angels and Saints bless you,

Forever yours and forever His,

Your sister in Christ,

-Mikayla Olson Southern Walk 2019

Let there be Liberty, Freedom, and Justice for all.

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  1. Mary Beth C Tarantino permalink
    August 13, 2019 8:26 pm

    You are all Saints in the eyes and hearts of the Unborn! We are truly grateful for each step you walked for these precious ones. You truly are the Light of Christ. Our Lady has embraced each of you with Her Motherly Mantle. May your lives be a reflection of Christ as you continue to walk in His Footsteps for the rest of your lives. Much Love,
    Mary Beth C. Tarantino

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