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The unseen neighbor

July 16, 2019

Greetings Y’all,
We’ve made it to Mississippi. There’s been lots of rain from all the tropical storms happening down south, but we keep on walking. Well unless you’re Mikayla and you sprain your arm and can’t walk for a few days.
As badly as I wanted to walk I knew God had me making sacrifices in other ways. I had a lot of time to think and pray about this mission. Sometimes it can be a bit discouraging when we face opposition, despite the overly abundant amount of support we get. I mean here we are the 12 of us taking our summers off to walk across America as a witness to the sanctity and dignity of all human life. We don’t often get to see the fruits of our labor and sometimes we doubt if it’s even working. We hear stories that are encouraging, and we celebrate every pro-life bill that gets passed, yet the battle of doubt is real sometimes.
People tell us we are selfish and wasting our time. They say we should be serving the homeless or helping with foster care. They don’t bother to ask if we have or for our life stories. They don’t care if we’ve served the homeless before, or if we’ve raised thousands of dollars for an orphanage. All they see is the neighbor we chose to serve right now, and many don’t see that neighbor as a human at all.
It isn’t easy. You wish they could just understand, but we are not here for the applause. We are here for those who can’t stand up for themselves. The silent women, the unborn children, the euthanized, and all life that goes without the respect and dignity it deserves.
This week’s Sunday gospel spoke of a message we needed to hear. A message straight from the heart of the Lord. That being to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Who is our neighbor though?
Well, I think the other part of the gospel answers that. If we love the Lord with all our heart, soul, and mind, then there must be a place of dwelling for each one of us in his most sacred heart. Therefore we are neighbors to all those whom he loves, including the unborn. So who am I to only serve to the neighbor that is visible to all?
It’s frustrating and difficult to serve a neighbor that many don’t even see as a living being, but God sees them, and he is beyond well pleased. We don’t need our opposers to see the work we’ve done, we are here to serve God and those whose lives have just begun.

Love y’all,
God Bless
Mikayla Olson, Southern Walk 2019BC76BB65-811E-4346-A54F-925E5C29D78F


We can do it!

July 9, 2019

We’ve made it to Louisiana! This weekend the group was split between Shreveport and New Orleans. It was nice to kind of split apart from each other and realize even though we get annoyed with each other, we started to miss each other and were ready to be a whole group again.

It’s definitely a struggle sometimes to love each other fully, but it’s all part of the mission. A mission in which we are called to love everyone fully and never see anyone as a inconvenience. There’s a constant call to be Christ like and a constant choice within each of are hearts on whether or not we are going to answer that call.

I was graced with the opportunity to go to New Orleans. (It’s always been a dream of mine). Our host families always treat us so well, the New Orleans food was amazing. I was also graced to be in the presence of a newly ordained priest and to receive a blessing from him. We also had two priests chat with us over dinner and we had a great discussion about the pro-life mission.

Noah, one of our walkers brought up an interesting point. He talked about women in World War II and how their idea of we can do anything is very different than we can do anything idea of today. Women during WWII were the women bravely fighting the battle back home while the men fought one on the line. These women were not afraid to raise their families, fill the jobs of men, make ammunition, build airplanes, whatever they needed to do, they did it. Not because they felt the need to prove themselves, but to fulfill a duty to protect their family and bring their men home by taking care of the country from the home front.

Today woman continues to strive for that. Yet there’s a twist in it, that says life devaluing practices are the right and path to women’s true freedom. We have women who are scared that they can’t raise a child on their own, and are surrounded by a society that tells them they are alone. In reality, we are living in a country where there are strong women out there, and men too who are willing to support and fight for our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

My prayer is that you hear these voices and join this battle. I want every woman to be the fearless woman she’s called to be. And for the men to be the kind of men worthy of such graceful protection of the beautiful heart of a woman. Then alas with hearts ablaze the unborn shall be protected and all lives respected until the time comes for them to go home to the enteral throne.

Mikayla Olson, Southern walk 2019

Entering into the Passion

July 3, 2019

Hello friends,
We are officially half way done with our journey. The weeks have seemed to just fly right by. This past weekend we were so thankful to stay with the relatives of our fellow walker Anthony! Staying with his Aunt Nell and Uncle Mike and meeting the rest of his family was such a blessing.
Saturday we prayed outside the abortion clinic, and admist the chaos of upset cars driving by and the honks for us and against us, I just felt drawn deeper into prayer. The devil tried so hard to distract us and pull us away from prayer, but the almighty powerful God calls us deeper. He calls us to be present for the death of the unborn, to give our love to them, to pray for the mercy and conversion of those behind those doors, and for all who are involved with this evil. Saturday mornings at the abortion clinic take you right into Christ passion. There are so many parallels between the crucifixion of Christ and the death of the unborn. We are called to be there as Christ, to be His cry saying “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!” In that moment, we are there to give the only human love that unborn child might ever know, and to be a vessel of Christ’s mercy to all.
This week was both the feast of the most sacred heart and the feast of the most precious blood of Jesus. Trusting our prayers to His sacred heart, and through His mercy and the power of His precious blood, we continue to pray for an end to abortion.
I offer today a special prayer for all those mothers who have been told to abort their child because of a deformation or abnormality. My heart breaks for so many women who have been told that and then chose to have an abortion. A lot of the women I have met who have been through this situation have chosen life and have borne perfectly healthy children. And whereas a few did not, raising their children with special needs has given them a unique opportunity to give of themselves and experience peace and joy. I’ve even seen the peace and joy in the hearts of women who have given their children a fighting chance before the love of the Father called that child Home to eternal rest. There’s also women I’ve met who did not chose life, they lost their peace and gained sorrow, but many of them have found peace in the love and mercy of the  Eternal

Chose life. Chose to acknowledge that Christ is still alive and that His plan is greater, ALWAYS.
God loves you.
Much love,
Mikayla Olson, Southern walk 2019

Appreciate the little things

June 25, 2019

Hello y’all,

This weekend marks our halfway point as we reach Dallas, TX.  This past weekend we stayed in Abilene and it just had me thinking how God has truly taught us to appreciate the little things.

We have received so many huge blessings, but nothing compares to the little blessings because it’s the little things that keep us going. Simply having access to the showers or a comfy bed to sleep in is something any crossroads walker would never take for granted. Or when we are out walking and praying for an end to abortion, God reminds us just how much he loves us all. From the beautiful flowers and the cool lizards to the longhorns and the horses, God is constantly gracing our senses.

Along the walk there is conflict, sorrow, and frustration. Sometimes we miss home, feel discouraged, or defeated. Yet by God’s grace we are not overcome by it, but conquer it all. We remember why we are walking when we receive a simple thank you from a stranger, and can just hear the Lord saying to us, “Don’t give up now!” We offer things up, and keep on walking (even through the  thousands of locusts and grasshoppers that try to jump on you!!) We offer it all up for the souls of the unborn, for those in purgatory, and all who are lost. We shake the melted tar off our feet, wipe off the sweat, and amongst all that is thrown our way we are filled with joy. If this is what it’s like to be filled with grace, then this is how I want to face my suffering for the rest of my life. Like literally, this is the life we are called to live.

    The other day at daily Mass, I was looking up at the Crucifix and thinking, Wow, how could anyone ever see themselves as mere slaves to Christ? What kind of slave master would become a man just to die on a cross for his slaves? Every little part of that infinite trinity loves us deeply, and wants to fill us with infinite joy even amongst our sufferings. It’s a good feeling to know that Christ and the Blessed Mother are with us every step of the way.  At the half way point I can say yeah, I’ve had my days. We all have, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. Many of us were reluctant to join this walk, yet I don’t think any of us are going to want to leave when it’s over. So until then we are going to enjoy each step and keep on praying.

To all those in despair, wondering if there’s anyone out there who cares, and for all the unborn, this one’s for you!

Much love,

Mikayla Olson, Southern Walk 2019


June 18, 2019

The protectors

In honor of Father’s Day being last Sunday I just want to talk about Dad’s. All dad’s, including future dads, spiritual dads, old dads, young dads, priests, all of them.

Looking into the book of Genesis we know men are called to protect. I’ll never know what it’s like to be a dad, but I can tell you what it’s like to know and be loved by amazing Dads, especially our Heavenly Father.

On Sunday Andrew, Anthony, and I sat around a table talking about our Dads and  how they have lived out their vocation of the Fatherhood. I talked about how my dad has always made his daughters feel protected and beautiful. He raised daughters that understood the dignity and respect they deserve, and through his little words has shown us the importance of protecting woman and the unborn.

Andrew talked about his Dad going to jail for operation rescue and how proud he was of his Dad and his efforts to protect the unborn. Anthony talked about how his dad was always willing to stand up for what was right and protect his family. All three of us talked about how hard our fathers worked and what a joy it was to see dad come home from work growing up. To all our Dads out there thank you for raising up a pro life generation.

Before I wrap this up I also want to thank all the men we’ve met along the way, especially Lawrence from the nurturing center, and Edward Garcia who run their own ministries and have saved lives.

I’m also grateful for every priest we’ve encountered along the way who has graced us with the sacraments, their blessings, and prayers.

Lastly, I pray that all you men protect the women in your lives and support them through difficult times, and help them to chose life.

-Mikayla Olson, Southern walk 2019

PS Dad if you’re reading this I love you!

A mission of life

June 14, 2019

One of my favorite feelings is when I can grunt out of satisfaction and say “I’m living right now!” This past weekend I had one of these experiences when my team and I were praying outside of an abortion clinic. We were guided in prayer by one of our hosts for the weekend and prayer warrior, Edward. He assured us that less than half of abortions occur when people are praying outside of clinics because the sight of someone who is on their knees praying serves as a sign to those considering abortion. I could feel the power of prayer while we were outside, which reminds me of Christ’s words: “wherever two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in their midst.” As we finished our morning of prayer, Edward was visibly excited: “Way to go guys-when people yell at us, that is a sign of the devil’s anger and that you are powerfully manifesting God’s presence.” What a nugget of wisdom!

May God bless you and grant you the courage to do His will amidst opposition!

In Christ,

Jessica, Southern walk 2019

Week 4: Soldiers for Christ

June 12, 2019

Hello all,

It’s been another amazing week of crossroads and we have finished walking through Arizona, and are nearly through New Mexico. Huge shout out to our amazing host family for the weekend, the Gonzalez family. I was lucky enough to get to celebrate my birthday at their place. Mrs. Cammy Gonzalez even made an amazing cake, which Jason later smashed my face into. It would be great if I could tell you we had no more bad experiences with experiences with cacti, but Catherine and Anthony definitely rubbed their legs up against a cactus. It’s all apart of the sacrifice right?

This week I’ve noticed how often we are looked up to as heroes by the people we encounter. Most of the time I think we are just walking and praying, nothing an ordinary person couldn’t do. It’s an act of humility to accept such gratitude and appreciation. I find the more you do for the glory of God the more God showers you in return, we are forever in debt to Him. This journey is so much more than a walk for the sanctity and dignity of life. Within each of our souls as we walk, there’s a deep conversation with the Lord going on. All those things that we were unsure of during the hustle and bustle of everyday life back home has become clear. We see the Lord answering even our smallest prayers, and as we go we hear stories of hope, hearts being changed and bills being passed, as an answer to our biggest prayer. That prayer being that all life from conception to its natural death will be recognized and respected.

Oh what a joy it is to be on this journey knowing our Blessed Mother and Christ our savior walk before us.

Much love,

-Mikayla Olson, 2019 southern walk